Sharon Rose Development Investment

ROI Calculations for Sharon Rose

Level Investment % Share in Company Estimated Yr 1 Return Estimated Return over 15 yrs Estimate value at year yr 15 with 5% increase value Total Return on Investment over 15 yrs ROI %
Entry R10,000 0.13% R800 R20,103 R20,789 R40,892 309%
Bronze R50,000 0.63% R4,000 R100,516 R103,946 R204,462 309%
Silver R100,000 1.25% R8,000 R201,032 R207,893 R408,925 309%
Gold R200,000 2.50% R16,000 R402,064 R415,786 R817,850 309%
Platinum R800,000 10.00% R64,000 R1,608,257 R1,663,143 R3,271,400 309%

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Step 1: Specify your contribution amount for Sharon Rose Development Investment

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