EDPF PropCoin

Welcome to a new way of investing in property assets

Using blockchain technology, hosted on the Ethereum Platform, EDPF has created an ERC 20 Smart Contract and a new way to invest in property using this innovative technology. The EDPF PropCoin will be purchased and traded on the first regulated decentralised trading platform SWARMSwarm Markets is the world’s first licensed high-liquidity Defi protocol. This technology will allow you to manage your investment by trading whenever you wish with whomever you wish and for any other currency, you wish on the SWARM platform.

EDPF PropCoin is a Stable Coin

Unlike other traditional cryptocurrencies, EDPF PropCoin is a STABLECOIN that does not have the same volatility as the most popular cryptocurrencies. Backed by the underlying asset (in this case, PROPERTY), it is stable in its returns and capital growth thus making it less susceptible to the volatility of the crypto market. As the value of the property grows so does the value of YOUR EDPF PropCoin.

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Enterprise Development Property Fund

Changing the LANDSCAPE of Property in South Africa.

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